Real Life University (R.L.U.)

Wednesday’s at 6:30

R.L.U. – Winter Session Begins February 15, 2017

RLU takes place during the Fall and Spring of each year. Below are details of upcoming fall RLU Bible studies offered. Classes are taught on Wednesday evenings with the exception of Precept which is also offered on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am and GriefShare which only meets on Tuesday evenings click here



PRECEPT: As the gospel spread across the Roman world in the first decades after Jesus’ earthly ministry, conflict arose. Jews and Gentiles were believing the gospel, and a struggle over what it meant to be a Christian began. What does it mean to live under grace? Do you have to keep the Law to be a Christian? All of it or just part of it? Who is right? How will we know?

Galatians’ message clearly defines the relationship between Law and grace, and how Christians live under grace, led by the Spirit, free from bondage.

Leader: Cheryll Roan                                                      Cost: $17.

With a passion borne from an intense belief in the power of friendship, Dee guides your relationships to new levels of intimacy and trust. Engaging, honest, and deeply personal, The Friendships of Women will inspire you to see your desire for friendship not as a burden but as a gift.

Leaders: Lea Eppling and Terri Humphrey                     Cost: $12



Lessons from the Tackle Box: The BIG question still remains: If God were to take you home today… what would your wife and children hold in their hands tomorrow that would let them know that they were the treasures of your life? You are invited on a journey… a journey to leave a legacy of Faith, Hope and Love.

Leader:  Don Moye                                                        Cost: $25


Just a time to sit and refresh and reflect on a passage of scripture by doing an individual study and sharing together.

Leader: Shannon Hendley

Prayer meeting We are strongly convinced of the need for regular, focused, corporate prayer, and the opportunity for this is provided by our Wednesday Prayer Meetings. These intimate gatherings provide us the chance to share our physical and spiritual needs with one another, to bear each others’ burdens, and to cast all our cares upon our caring Heavenly Father.

Leaders: Steve & Ann Glover