Senior Adults

Seniors With A Testimony (SWAT) are adults who are senior in age but not at heart. This active group strives to keep busy with activities in a variety of areas. From mission trips, to catered dinner events, to day trips visiting museums, concerts, arts & crafts, etc., this group enjoys life. Contact Sibley at the office for information.


SWAT Monthly Visitations take place on the fourth Thursday at 3 pm.


Personal Testimonies

APRIL13-16, 2014

As Sam and Donna skillfully loaded the van for our trip, we were amazed at all of the items that had been donated. But upon arrival we were really thrilled, as Dianna  cried over the tarps and food items constantly saying, “Bless You Jesus, I just can’t believe it!.” It was very humbling as we saw  our surroundings and Pastor Nick & Dianna told us we were to be vessels used by God as we let this community become our mission field.

What a mission field we were privileged to see! There was overwhelming gratitude for the smallest efforts.The realization that there are so many avenues we, as “senior adults,” can still minister and serve in as we let God open the door. Helping set up the line for the food bank to distribute the food and seeing pallets of products to be dispensed, we were asked to pray over the food. We were instructed to give each person only 2 cans of beans, 2 carrots, 3 grapefruit, 1 orange, 1 apple, 2 potatoes, etc. Then the people began to come with boxes, grocery bags, pull suitcases, anything to put the food in. I watched as they helped each other and were selective as they turned down food because they had no way to cook it or transport it.. The line went on and on for hours, giving me a lesson in humility and gratitude.

Seeing the members of the community respond as we did the block party, eyes aglow as they decorated cupcakes, wrapped each other in toilet paper, (and then cleaned up the paper), as Judy did the relay races with them.  Face painting had a memorable moment when one of the participants looked at Joan & Claire and told them they sure had a steady hand to be as old as they were. One girl insisted on painting Sharon’s nails. The appreciation and enjoyment, yet the respect & understanding of the rules Dianna had given them on previous occasions, made me realize how valuable these simple acts of kindness were to them.  There were so many underlying signals around us as these little ones and their care givers shared varied stories, and we observed the surroundings.  Pastor Nick’s inflatables were helpful in attracting the children to come hear God’s message and hopefully see God’s love.

Our  group devotional times, led by Joe, were so precious as he took our daily experiences and intertwined them with God’s Word. The varied experiences  reflected God’s hand of guidance.

Our last morning, we really stepped out of our comfort zone and did a four-hour prayer walk, going down a section of main street, praying over the empty buildings, asking God to fill them with occupants who would honor Him and provide jobs to the many who need them. Carrying a garbage bag and picking up litter, all the while stopping, sharing, and praying for varied person’s needs, which ranged from housing and financial to one city worker, who had a speech impediment, simply  wanting to be able to communicate, without being made fun of. God was so real as He led us to different ones with varied needs and allowed us to pray with them, share His Word with them, give out water or whatever we had. We took one girl back to a business we had visited for a job interview.

As we left the prayer walk, Dianna took us  to see one of the homeless villages in which they minister. It was a solemn experience to see how a mother with five children  was living, due to circumstances over which she had no control,  to a tent that no one would bother because of respect for one of their community who had died. They have a sense of commitment that is refreshing.  As we viewed where they have their time with God, around a cross in the middle of a room made with a tarp and surrounded by filth, I could only reflect on how,” Wonderfully I have been blessed!”