Bible Study

9:15 – 10:15 am

Sunday Bible Study is the place to get connected! We have a variety of adult classes, sure to meet your needs. Some classes are age sensitive and some are multi-generational. A few classes are gender separated while several are co-ed. We also offer classes for both couples and singles. No matter which class you choose, you’ll hear God’s Word taught and have the opportunity to fellowship with other believers.


YOUNG ADULTS (Yellow House)
Teachers: Mary and Buck Moon
This class is designed for young adults. Their studies include books of the Bible and topics pertaining to the everyday Christian walk. Teaching style is part lecture and part discussion, with good coffee and great fellowship. The general age range is college to mid 30’s, married and singles.

Grace (A-1)
Teacher: Emily Farmer
This class provides substantive Bible study for women of all ages and in all phases of life. They focus on books of the Bible, theology, and doctrine, using a God-centered approach to study. Regular fellowship and prayer for one another is emphasized.

Young Marrieds (C-4)
Teachers: Jeff & Cynthia McLain
This class is for young married or engaged couples. The class focuses on Bible studies and topics pertinent to couples in this stage of life. The teaching format is lecture with some discussion.

Kindred (A-2)
Teachers: Jim & Sibley Meadows
This class is for both men and women in the 30’s to 50’s age range. It provides an in-depth study of books of the Bible through lecture and discussion with practical application of the Scriptures. As the name implies, fellowship and building relationships are an important part of the class. They strive to support, care, and pray with one another on a weekly basis.

The Life (A-4)
Teacher: Steve & Ann Glover
Both couples and singles of all ages are welcome in this class. Their studies include books of the Bible, as well as some topical series. The general age range is 25-55 and the teaching is primarily by discussion.

The Ingathering (F6)
Teachers: Matthew & Shannon Hendley
This class is open to singles and couples of any age. The Bible teaching covers things such as: biblical Christian living, equipping believers, spiritual growth, evangelism, how to disciple others, stewardship with Kingdom resources, and how to function as the body of Christ. 


Beloved Ladies (A-3)
Teacher: Terri Humphrey
This class is for adult women of all ages who want to study the Bible within an upbeat, encouraging environment. The teaching format is lecture with some discussion.

Salt & Light Men (F-7)
Teacher: Tim Ritchie
This class is for men of all ages, single or married. The class mission statement is: We are men of God, men of honor, men of integrity, men that choose not to compromise. We cover issues pertaining to being a man of God in today’s culture. The teaching style includes lots of discussion, giving everyone an opportunity to share.

Pairs and Spares (F-2)
Teacher: Joe Palmer  Asst. Teachers: Gary Campbell & Garland Moon
The varied membership of this class includes singles and couples, mostly in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Their lesson focus is comprehensive studies of books of the Bible, alternating Old and New Testament books. The primary teaching style is lecture.

Caring & Sharing (F-1)
Teacher: Tom Moore
This class has a diverse membership that includes couples and singles age 50 and above. The lessons and discussion are centered on in-depth, book-by-book study of the Scriptures.

Redeemed  (Conference Room)
Teacher: Lachele Yancey
Ladies of all ages are welcome in this class. The members are interested in exploring the Bible, book-by-book. The class name is based on Psalm 107:2 “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so ….” The teaching format is lecture with some discussion.

Joy (F-8)
Teachers: Glenda Moye, Dot Trapnell, Peggy Wilson, Alice Claxton
This class for ladies offers a study of the Bible, book-by-book. The primary teaching style is by lecture. Supplemental materials may also be included in order for members to gain a more thorough understanding of Scriptures. The age range for this class is from 40 – 70.


Winsome (F-3)
Teachers:  Sarah Chapman, Claire Rogers
This class of senior adult ladies uses quarterly Sunday School literature from Lifeway as the base for study and discussion. The emphasis of teaching is often on service to other believers and those in need.

Fellowship (F-4)
Teachers: William McLain, Ronald Frost
This class of adult men, age 40 and above, offers quarterly studies from Lifeway Sunday School literature. They discuss the practical application of Scripture to the lives of service-minded believers.

Steadfast (F-5)
Teachers: Cheryl Ward
This senior ladies’ class is focused on traditional study by lecture through quarterly Sunday School literature from Lifeway.

Men’s Bible Class (F-9)
Teachers:Maxwell Young, Richard Herring, Jr., David Moran
This class of mostly senior adult men uses quarterly Sunday school literature from Lifeway as the base for study. The class offers traditional worship in the form of song and lecture type teaching.